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They staged a few flash runway shows recently, rolling out green carpets to people on the streets of New York and they did not just made headlines for sustainability thereafter but also informed an average American about terms like eco-chic.

Modavanti is a shopping website which offers ethical fashion in the most stylish forms. The brand stresses that sustainable fashion is about considering people, planet and progress along with style. It is a website where many eco-friendly fashion brands meet.

Adam Clancy, Media Director, Modavanti answered a few questions for Make Cotton Sustainable:

How did you come up with the idea to create a site exclusively for sustainable fashion?

The idea to start Modavanti came about from our desire to clean up the way the fashion industry operates. The damage inflicted on both the environment and the workers making the clothes is enormous, but this will only change once shoppers become aware of the problem and then realize there is an alternative. With Modavanti, you don’t have to sacrifice style or pay a premium to find high quality, on-trend clothes that fit your values as well.

What do you keep in mind while selecting the brands for your website?

Our first aim is always to find brands that produce high quality and on-trend clothes. We recognize that no matter how sustainable something is, nobody will buy it unless they feel they will look really good in it. Once we have found designers that fit our aesthetic we then investigate their sustainability credentials, and if they meet our criteria then we put them on the site.

What are the challenges you face to maintain a site entirely dedicated to sustainable fashion?

The main challenge is to convince people that sustainable fashion is not only important, because of it’s beneficial impact on the environment and on workers, but that it can be on-trend and high quality. We have to build a movement around sustainable fashion by educating consumers about the many positive effects of buying sustainable fashion, in a similar way that organic food producers and retailers did within the food industry.

What are your future plans?

We want to become known as the premier destination for sustainable fashion. But beyond that, we want to offer a genuine alternative to major online fashion retailers so that socially conscious shoppers don’t have to sacrifice their values in the name of style.

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