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Cotton Australia Signs Agreement With BCI

Cotton Australia has signed a landmark agreement with the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) on behalf of Australia’s cotton industry, reports Narromine News. With this agreement, a BCI license has been transferred to Australian cotton produced under myBMP certification. Australian myBMP-certified cotton can be sold in the global market under the BCI banner now. myBMP is […]

Everything An Eco Shopper Would Want

They staged a few flash runway shows recently, rolling out green carpets to people on the streets of New York and they did not just made headlines for sustainability thereafter but also informed an average American about terms like eco-chic. Modavanti is a shopping website which offers ethical fashion in the most stylish forms. The […]

Sustainability For The Small Businesses

Most of the eco-friendly clothing brands are the small market players and the biggest challenge they face is: How to source eco friendly and certified fabric in a small quantity at the right price when most of the wholesalers would supply in large quantities only. Organic Cotton Plus is one of America’s leading suppliers of […]

‘Time For Action’ Report Outlines Actions Necessary To Grow The Indian Organic Cotton Sector

Industry leaders from the Indian organic cotton sector agreed it was ‘time for action’ when they met for an inaugural Organic Cotton Roundtable in Indore on 19-20 March 2014. A report outlining their agreed actions has been published today, entitled ‘Time for Action: Key Issues and Actions Facing the Cotton Sector in India’. The Organic […]

The Future of Cotton                   

In partnership with the German Initiatives for Sustainable Cotton, we used our existing Fashion Futures scenarios to examine the key trends

Turkey Becomes A Popular Organic Cotton Producer

Turkey has become a popular organic cotton producing nation, reports fibre2fashion. “Turkey is gaining more and more awareness regarding organic cotton production, and would soon become a global brand in the production of organic cotton,” said the Turkish Nazilli Cotton Research Station’s manager Sadettin Ozturk. Mr. Ozturk said that since 1990s, Turkey has been gradually […]

U.S Manufacturer Introduces Affordable Organic Mattresses

Mattress manufacturer Gold Bond has come up with its new affordable Organic Cotton series mattresses that use all natural cotton batting as well as organic latex, reports Furniture World. The two-sided mattresses in the collection feature organic cotton covers on both the top and bottom panels, and on the sides. The quilt fill uses half-an-inch […]

Organic Brands And Their Challenges

“Gaining visibility in the world of textiles is a challenge. Retaining weavers to work regular working hours on ever-changing and evolving designs with fine yarn is a challenge,” says Vijayalakshmi (Viji) Chinnaswamy, co-founder of the weaving studio of Ethicus talking about the difficulties that traditional and sustainable brands face. In an interview in The Hindu, […]

Brazilian Cotton Program Manager Unveils Sustainability Protocol

Guidelines of the Brazilian Cotton Program Manager (ABR) for the sustainability protocol for the 2013-2014 harvest season of the country have been unveiled, reports fibre2fashion. According to the protocol, every ABR certified cotton cultivating farm in Brazil can now receive, by choice, the licensing for commercialization of the crop under Better Cotton Initiative (BCI). Another […]

Eco Clothing Company Founder Talks About Challenges

“The challenges in becoming a worldwide company lie in the barriers to free trade, even to Canada. The process of import/export duties is ridiculously complex and convoluted. I would sell through more countries, but I just don’t have time to sort through all the regulations.,” says Mary W. Farrell, founder of Cherub’s Blanket, a home-based […]

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