Everything An Eco Shopper Would Want

They staged a few flash runway shows recently, rolling out green carpets to people on the streets of New York and they did not just made headlines for sustainability thereafter but also informed an average American about terms like eco-chic. Modavanti is a shopping website which offers ethical fashion in the most stylish forms. The […]

Sustainability For The Small Businesses

Most of the eco-friendly clothing brands are the small market players and the biggest challenge they face is: How to source eco friendly and certified fabric in a small quantity at the right price when most of the wholesalers would supply in large quantities only. Organic Cotton Plus is one of America’s leading suppliers of […]

For Pure Oceans

A lifelong surfer, spear fisherman and a freediver, Noel Huelsenbeck always wanted to do something to protect the oceans from the pollution, plastic debris and dying fisheries. His passion for the sea, combined with his daughter Megan’s passion for style led to the starting of their sustainable clothing brand Purakai Clothing to create clothes that are […]

Colour Cotton Is More Than Organic

We hear the term 100% organic cotton a bit too often.  We talk about how polluting cotton cultivation is, about pesticides and fertilizers and all other chemical inputs.  We talk about  organic cotton cultivated without any chemicals. However, after  cultivation, it is the dyeing process that is really polluting the environment.  And unless and until […]

Little Sustainable Dress

Little Green Dress, an Australian clothing brand that offers limited edition eco friendly clothing uses a beautiful term to describe the products they offer: Eco Elegance. Little Green Dress promises 100% Australian made sustainable clothing for women. They work closely with home sewers and small workshops to create eco- friendly garments. The fabrics they use […]

Muddy Fingers Touch No Dyes

Muddy Fingers, a Hong Kong based organic clothing label that refuses to use any dyes in its products, says that chemicals in clothes have affected the health of millions of people, though the symptoms vary from mild to severe. The brand produces organic clothing, socks or toys for babies and kids from zero months to […]

Offering Wearable And Sustainable Art

India is one of the top producers of organic cotton. Ironically, a major part of its produce is exported and not consumed by the local clothing industry. There are however some new ethical clothing companies which are very much determined to do something about it by creating a demand for organic cotton in the country. […]

Creating Ethical Clothing Is Not A Cakewalk

Organic Clothing is now slowly making its way into the shops and malls of India and unlike before, Indian consumers now have a better access to ethical clothing than before. But is all that looks organic really organic? How many of the brands joining the green bandwagon are really serious and how soon can an […]

Pioneering Organic Fashion In Greece

Certainly more people in more number of countries are aware of organic fashion than before. However, organic clothing still has many minds

Golf Fashion Made Sustainable

When Billy Nachman and Hobson Brown were asked to wear their first collared shirts to attend an all-boys school, neither of them was happy about it. But soon they began to love it. And they grew up and then came a day when they couldn’t find the right classic polo shirts for themselves. So they […]

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