Gain In U.S. Organic Cotton Acreage

U.S. organic cotton acreage is still growing, says a 2010 and Preliminary 2011 U.S. Organic Cotton Production & Marketing Trends report conducted by the Organic Trade Association (OTA). Ever since 2003, the area under organic cotton has been increasing and 11,827 acres of organic cotton were planted in 2010. Quoting Textile Exchange, the report says […]

Organic Cotton Shines Despite All Odds

Even as the world economy battled with recession, organic cotton’s production and sale was high and organic cotton industry grew up to 20 per cent to an estimated $5.61 billion in 2010, says Textile Exchange’s annual market report. The report also says that if there is an increase in levels of commitment from brands and […]

Sumangali: Exploiting Indian Female labour

Girls and young women are exploited under a scheme called ‘Sumangali’ to produce garments for European and US markets, says a research report titled ‘Captured by Cotton’ by Centre for Research on Multinational Corporations (SOMO) and India Committee of the Netherlands (ICN). Sumangali Scheme was started 10 years ago by textile and garment manufacturers in […]

The Clean Up Challenge For Indian Apparel Industry

Scarcity of resources gives the apparel industry an opportunity to build competitive advantage by investing in sustainability measures, says a study by cKinetics. The Indian apparel industry consumes 10% of the country’s energy and has increasing carbon intensity compared to other sectors on account of increasing mechanization. In addition to energy, water is also consumed […]

UK Fairtrade Sales Cross The Billion-Pound Mark

The demand for Fairtrade products in the UK remained high last year, despite the unstable economic times. Recently, Fairtrade Fortnight 2011 was launched with the announcement that sales of Fairtrade products have increased by 40% in 2010 to an estimated retail value of £1.17bn compared with £836m in 2009, says a Fairtrade Foundation’s press release. […]

2010 US Organic Cotton Planting Highest In A Decade

2010 plantings of US organic cotton were the highest since year 2000, says preliminary data collected by the Organic Trade Association (OTA) in a survey funded by Cotton Incorporated. Growers of organic cotton in the US increased plantings of organic cotton acreage by 12 per cent in 2010 over that planted in 2009, according to […]

The Fix For Africa’s Food vs Cash Crop Dilemma

Africa has been growing cotton for a long time and it supplies over 10 per cent of the world’s cotton. But the question is that when a large part of the African population are starving, should they be growing cash crops (such as cotton) instead of food crops and is it ethical to buy that […]

India Tops Organic Cotton farming with 80% Of Global Production

India remained the top producing nation in 2009‐10 for the third straight year, growing over 80 percent of the organic cotton produced globally and increasing its production of the fiber by 37 percent over 2009‐2010, according to the fifth annual Organic Farm and Fiber report by Textile Exchange (“the Exchange”), the leading global organic cotton […]

Insect Birth Control Strategy To Zap Cotton Pests

Using pests as part of an insect birth control program helps to get rid of them, UA researchers find. A new approach that combines the planting of pest-resistant cotton and releasing large numbers of sterile moths has virtually eliminated of the world’s most destructive cotton pests from Arizona. The novel control strategy, published in the […]

ICAC Study Finds Pesticide Usage Down But Far From Sustainable

A Social, Environmental and Economic Performance (SEEP) of Cotton Production Study on “Pesticide use in Cotton in Australia, Brazil, India, Turkey and USA” says that while pesticide use has dropped from peak usage, a series of actions are required for sustainable farming. The SEEP report has made a number of recommendations, including that governments, with […]

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